About Me

Hi, my name is Rinaldo Ishak, right after this website name. I was born and raised somewhere in Java Island, Indonesia. I’ve been around South East Asia for work for the past 5 years and currently I’m in Makati City, Philippines.

I have spending many years struggling find a reason to create this website because I was thinking I am not qualified to show up my artwork, but I keep doing it and create something outside my 5-9 day job, I just love doing it without any particular reason.

I did not go to creative college nor any formal classes to get education in a creative industry and my job at the office has nothing to do with my passion, but something always telling me to teach and motivate myself to be what I want to be, special thanks to the invention of the internet that make learning so easy and cheap, and lucky enough to be surrounded by smart and creative people , so I started make a move and taught myself everything I need to learn.

I believe we have something remarkable to share with the world, and this website is a perfect place to put my artwork and journal, so I can leave a mark of my existence in this era of information.

It takes courage to do something we love, even as simple as grab a pencil to start drawing, my suggestion is just start make an action to follow your bliss!